Legal Services For Incorporating Or Setting Up A Business

Individuals who plan to start a business or incorporate have numerous factors to consider. One of these factors are the liabilities that come with being a business owner, such as legal liabilities for accidents that occur on the premises. It is prudent to seek professional advice before setting up a business, so that a new business owner can shelter him or herself from liabilities that can lead to legal actions.

Garton & Harris has helped thousands of clients with the set-up of their businesses, as well as incorporations. We understand the liabilities clients can incur through different business structures, and we will advise you on choosing the best set-up for you to minimize liability.

Navigating Clients Through The Set Up Of A Business

A new business owner has to determine the best business structure for his or her business. There are three main business structures, which include:

  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations

Each structure carries its own tax and legal liabilities. In partnerships and sole proprietorships, the registered owners are personally responsible for the debts and liabilities of the business. When establishing a corporation, it is the corporation that is responsible for debts, not the owner.

We have provided clients with well-reasoned advice and solutions on setting up successful businesses since 1975. We provide practical advice to our clients about their best choice of business structure. We also walk them through the legalities of establishing a business. Our priority is to ensure we put them on the right path to starting a successful business.

Meeting Our Clients' Incorporation Needs

If clients decide to incorporate their business, they are creating a separate legal entity for their organization. With this type of business structure, an owner's personal assets are protected from creditors. However, this type of structure also mandates strict book keeping and imposes numerous filing duties.

Even after the set up of a business is complete, we assist clients with the maintenance of their books. We ensure that corporate records and minute books are up-to-date and that the business is compliant with all its obligations. Our clients trust in our ability to accurately and efficiently keep their books, as we are the registered record office for hundreds of companies throughout British Columbia.

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