Strategic Advice For Business Disputes

There is a lot at stake when two or more parties' business relationships have deteriorated. It is important to try to resolve conflicts as early as possible to prevent further harm. That's why it is important to seek legal advice before a business dispute can turn into a litigation matter, putting a company's finances and reputation at risk.

The Port Coquitlam lawyers at Garton & Harris have extensive experience assisting clients with business disputes. Our lawyers understand that trying to resolve conflicts early in the process will save our clients time and expenses. We explore various options and pursue the best strategies for conflict resolution, whether that is through arbitration, mediation or going to court.

Assisting Clients With A Wide Range Of Conflicts

When conducting business, conflicts can arise when dealing with commercial transactions. Often conflicts arise due to:

  • The collapse of the conveyance of a property
  • A failed business purchase
  • Lease disputes
  • Shareholders' disputes

Garton & Harris has helped clients find solutions to their business conflicts since 1975. We know that a long court process is often not in their best interests. We will determine the issues in dispute and analyze possible remedies as early as possible. Our priority is to ensure that our clients' business continues uninterrupted.

Finding The Best Solution In A Business Conflict

Businesses must pay attention to laws and legislation that must be heeded when trying to determine how to move forward in resolving a conflict. Without qualified legal assistance, businesses may fail to realize their legal obligations and what options they have to mitigate the consequences.

Our lawyers have the knowledge required to pursue resolutions to complex business conflicts. We have guided clients through disputes for over four decades and we understand the applicable laws, legislation and regulations of which our clients must be aware. We walk clients through how the law affects their case and always keep them up-to-date. This results in our clients making well-informed decisions that will save them time and expense.

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