Assisting Clients With A Range Of Construction Disputes

Constructions disputes can be costly and time-consuming. In many cases, they deal with builder's liens. These liens are payment disputes and occur when a contractor or subcontractor has not been paid for work that has been completed. In cases where a contractor or subcontractor remains unpaid, it is prudent to seek legal advice.

Garton & Harris has decades of experience helping clients resolve construction disputes in Port Coquitlam. Our lawyers can assist builders, subcontractors and homeowners with construction liens by providing them with well-reasoned advice and solutions.

Providing Clients With Resolution Options

Construction lien disputes can turn into complex disagreements. Involving experienced legal counsel early in the process can help resolve the conflict in a prompt and cost-efficient manner.

We provide sound advice to clients who are involved in these types of disputes. We have the knowledge and experience to provide clients with a variety of dispute resolution options, including mediation and negotiation. We can also file liens and assist clients with enforcing these liens. Our priority is to help our clients resolve construction lien issues efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Importance Of Deadlines When Filing A Lien

Filing a lien can turn into a complex endeavour. The process can involve numerous document filing requirements, which have strict deadlines. Failing to heed those deadlines can result in builders or subcontractors being unable to complete the lien application.

Garton & Harris has assisted numerous clients with construction lien applications. We ensure to heed all mandatory deadlines. We also carefully draw up the necessary documents to make sure they are accurate. This helps us prevent unnecessary delays and additional expenses.

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