Experienced Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Individuals and businesses that are entering into a commercial lease or are buying property have a lot at stake. They are making a large financial commitment and require knowledgeable guidance when closing on a commercial property deal.

At Garton & Harris, our commercial real estate practice works hand in hand with our business law practice. We have spent decades preparing and reviewing commercial purchase and sale agreements, as well as leases, for our Port Coquitlam and Tri-Cities area clients. Our clients can trust in our ability to safeguard their interests at all times when making a large investment in commercial real estate.

Providing Quality Legal Advice When Purchasing Or Selling Commercial Property

When buying or selling a commercial property, it is important to draft the purchase and sale agreement carefully. Without careful drafting, a purchaser or seller can leave themselves vulnerable to liability. This can result in wasted time and expenses when trying to rectify or revise the agreement. An agreement crafted without the benefit of legal guidance can result in future liability.

Garton & Harris has prepared commercial property agreements for clients for decades. We have a rich history assisting our business clients with these types of transactions. We are skilled in drafting agreements that benefit our clients and we can do so quickly and efficiently. The result is that our clients get the legal protection they need when making a major investment.

Strategic Guidance For Commercial Leases

When deciding to enter into a commercial lease, it is crucial to understand the terms of the lease. Without properly comprehending the effects that certain clauses can have on the tenant or landlord, a lease can create future complications.

Our lawyers carefully examine commercial lease agreements. We scrutinize clauses, such as the assignment or encumbrance of lease clause. We strive to ensure there is nothing in the lease that can lead to complications in the future, whether it is for a landlord or a tenant. We also prepare leases on behalf of our clients. We ensure that the agreement is carefully crafted and reflects the business interests of our clients.

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