Reliable Property Development Lawyers

Commercial property development projects are complex and time consuming endeavours. Property developers often have to navigate through numerous legal obligations imposed on them by municipal bylaws and provincial legislation. Failing to fulfil these obligations may result in costly project delays.

At Garten & Harris, our lawyers have assisted property developers with their projects for decades. We navigate our clients through every step of the transaction. We also ensure to complete their documentation in a timely manner to avoid delays.

Timely And Accurate Services

There are many steps in the process to have a development project approved. Those include:

  • Acquiring subdivision plan approval
  • Acquiring municipal permits
  • Preparing disclosure statements
  • Ensuring the project stays on target

Our lawyers have competently guided clients through many development transactions. We carefully navigate developers through every step of the project and ensure they understand their rights and obligations during the process. We also make sure that the documents we create on behalf of our clients are accurate and are submitted on time. This allows us to keep development projects on track.

Helping Builders Avoid Liability

Developer's have strict deadlines by which they must abide. If pre-sales are completed on condominium developments, anticipated closing times are scheduled. Failing to abide by those deadlines may leave a developer vulnerable to litigation.

We make sure our clients' projects are on track at each stage of the process. We have extensive knowledge of bylaws, legislation, rules and regulations pertaining to these projects. Based on our knowledge, we carefully prepare documentation that safeguards our clients' interests and avoids complications. This helps us protect our clients from costly project delays and possible litigation.

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