Efficient Residential Purchase And Sale Services

It is a significant financial commitment to buy a home. While the process can be exciting, in particular for first-time homeowners, it is sensible to take precautions. Lawyers at Garton & Harris will guide you through all aspects of this real estate transaction, including its financing and the specific terms of the purchase.

Our lawyers can help you for any home purchase in the Tri-Cities, from our offices in Port Coquitlam. We have extensive knowledge of the unique aspects of strata developments, detached properties and all varieties of home available to British Columbians.

Our Conveyancing And Residential Real Estate Services

Professional advice is essential when you buy a home. Your real estate agent is a valuable source of guidance on many aspects of the transaction. A lawyer can review the contract from the perspective of the risks you may potentially encounter. When you come to Garton & Harris, we will act as your representatives throughout the purchase process. This includes the following:

  • Reviewing the purchase agreement
  • Removing the subjects
  • Doing a title search of the property
  • Ensuring you have proper fire and liability insurance
  • Reviewing the mortgage contract
  • Preparing the statement of adjustments and reviewing it with you
  • Preparing the transfer documents
  • Transferring funds to the seller

Often, a real estate purchase will take several weeks to complete. During that time, many issues can arise with financing, or there may be hidden issues with the property you want to buy. Our lawyers will always be on hand to advise and guide you through the process so you can start a new chapter of home ownership on solid legal footing.

Contact The Firm

If you are buying a home and want to learn more about our legal services, contact us toll free at 800-680-3701 or 778-730-0372 in Port Coquitlam. You can also access our team online.