Navigating Clients Through Estate Planning

Many people come to Garton & Harris to have us prepare a will. Upon further investigation, we learn their motivation is to have control over how assets will be distributed when they pass. While all of our clients want to look after their loved ones, save on taxes and make special provisions for those in their lives who need it most, we often find during our initial consultation that there are a number of things that they have not considered.

These objectives are accomplished using many legal tools. Our firm in Port Coquitlam explores the options we can offer clients given their phase of life, financial status and unique family circumstances. In the process, we help people to resolve estate issues before conflicts arise, saving time, money and family heartache later.

Garton & Harris has been a part of the Port Coquitlam community for more than 35 years. We enjoy access to a network of financial planning professionals to whom we can refer our legal clients.

Asset Distribution Options

At Garton & Harris, we want to make estate planning easy for clients. We can help draft a will and arrange our clients' affairs to give effect to their wishes. While most people have an idea of where they want their estate assets to go, they may not know how B.C. laws, such as the new Wills, Estates and Succession Act, can affect how assets are distributed.

In order to ensure that our clients' wishes can be carried out in the most effective and efficient way, we often discuss other tools our clients may not be aware of, such as trusts and joint tenancy of assets. These are valuable legal alternatives, but there is no "one size fits all" so they must be done in the right way in light of each client's circumstances. Litigation over wills and estates is often difficult for families, and we can help prevent this from occurring.

Personal Care And Decision-Making

Closely linked to estate planning is personal care planning, specifically for a time of incapacity. Our lawyers draft power of attorney documents and representation agreements, and advise clients on how appointed individuals can use this authority. For some people, it is appropriate to appoint a power of attorney to have limited power on specific issues, such as financial matters, even if there is no incapacity.

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To meet with a lawyer in Coquitlam about estate planning, please contact Garton & Harris. Our toll-free number is 800-680-3701, and our local number is 778-730-0372. You can also contact us online.