Providing Clients With Powers of Attorney Options

During your lifetime, there may be occasions when important decisions need to be made about your finances or your health care that you cannot make for yourself. Assigning power of attorney, or appointing a person under a representation agreement, will help ensure someone you trust makes those choices for you. In the absence of such authority, family members may be forced to have to apply for a Court Order in order to look after you. This is not only costly and time-consuming; it is also stressful for the family.

We at the Port Coquitlam law firm of Garton & Harris have been providing legal services in this area for more than three decades. We have seen the law evolve in response to the changing needs of people who are aging in British Columbia. Upon consultation, we can recommend what combination of documents might be best for you to give you peace of mind about your future.

Understanding Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney will give someone the ability to act on your behalf for financial matters and can be limited or broad in scope. If you choose, you can assign a power of attorney for someone to authorize a specific type of financial transaction. Alternatively, you can give broad authority for that person to handle legal and financial matters for you. Unless you specify otherwise, a power of attorney ends when you are no longer mentally capable.

Understanding Representation Agreements

Many people assume that their spouse or another loved one will have the legal authority to speak for them in the event there is a medical crisis or decisions have to be made for living arrangements when you are not able to make them for yourself. That is not the case. In the absence of a power of attorney or a representation agreement, loved ones may be forced to seek an Order from the Court in order to be allowed to make those decisions on their behalf.

Because of the impact a power of attorney or representation agreement has on our clients, we take great care to ensure that the documents we prepare are consistent with their well-being.

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