Practical Advice For Probate and Estate Administration

Administering an estate is time-consuming and detail-oriented. Many people come to lawyers for assistance with this process, since it can be too much to deal with, especially when grieving. Garton & Harris relieves this burden for many Coquitlam families. As a law firm with more than three decades of experience in the Tri-Cities, we know what has to be done and can do it efficiently. As members of this community, we are also sensitive to the personal nature of this service.

Estate Administration Services

After a person dies, the first steps will depend on whether or not there was a will. If there was no will, a court application is necessary to be declared the administrator. If there was a will, the normal process is to apply for probate. Once the initial steps are taken care of, the executor, executrix or administrator will have to distribute assets accordingly and take care of many other details including:

  • Funeral arrangements
  • Finding and securing estate assets
  • Locating heirs
  • Selling estate assets
  • Paying debts
  • Filing a final tax return and paying estate taxes
  • Cancelling subscriptions
  • Making a final report to beneficiaries

This process can be complicated, in particular if the administrator knows little about where the deceased held assets. A lawyer can ensure the legal duty is met to properly handle the estate. At the same time, legal representation protects the administrator from liability or accusations of unethical activity. An administrator has a legal "checklist" of things that have to be done, and the lawyers at Garton & Harris can make certain all of those items are checked off.

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