Navigating Clients Through Probate — With And Without A Will

When an individual dies, often one of the first duties of an executor is to probate the will. The process of probate means bringing an application to court to have a will declared valid. However, probate is not always necessary.

Another common scenario is if the deceased dies without leaving a will. In this case, a loved one must apply to the court to become the estate administrator. In either situation, it is important to seek legal guidance because estate administration processes can be complicated, confusing and time-consuming.

Garton & Harris has assisted many clients in Port Coquitlam and the Tri-Cities areas with probate. Our lawyers take the time to explain the procedure. We then efficiently guide our clients through the process and help shoulder the burden of the legalities surrounding the process.

Assisting Executors With Probate When A Will Exists

Whether a will requires probate depends on:

  • What type of assets the testator held
  • Whether assets were designated
  • If the assets were jointly owned

If probate is necessary, the executor must commence a court application. Our lawyers have over four decades of experience assisting clients with wills and estates matters. We have the knowledge and experience to efficiently deal with the probate process. and ensure any documents submitted to the court are accurate and complete.

Helping Clients With Administrative Duties When There Is No Will

If the deceased did not leave a will, a family member must apply to court to become the estate administrator. Estate administrators must liquidate assets, pay off the debts of the estate and distribute the estate to beneficiaries.

We can assist family members with the application for grant of probate. We navigate clients step-by-step through the application process. We also have the knowledge and skill to carefully guide clients through the estate administration process after probate has been granted.

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