Assisting Clients With Trust Matters

As part of comprehensive estate planning, lawyers at Garton & Harris often prepare trusts for clients. A trust is a legal tool whereby a trustee, for the benefit of beneficiaries, administers an asset. Creating a trust is possible during a lifetime (an "inter vivos" trust) or using the assets from an estate (a "testamentary" trust).

A trust can serve a family's unique needs. For example, if a family member has a disability and is entitled to government benefits, placing an inheritance in a trust can help ensure those benefits continue. At our Port Coquitlam firm, our lawyers will walk you through your legal options and create a plan that meets your needs.

Options For Trusts

At Garton & Harris, we can create a trust when it is consistent with our clients' estate planning goals.

While many may see a trust as a tool for the wealthy, in fact people with relatively modest incomes may also benefit from a trust. For many, a trust is designed to save on probate fees and other taxes. It is also one way to make sure young beneficiaries have assets preserved for the long term, instead of receiving a large amount of money all at once.

Our lawyers regularly establish different kinds of trusts, such as family trusts, and alter ego trusts for those over the age of 65. These necessarily work in conjunction with a client's will to create a comprehensive estate planning package.

Contact The Firm

For information about establishing a trust or using other estate planning tools, get in touch for a consultation. Our lawyers can be reached toll free at 800-680-3701 or 778-730-0372 in Port Coquitlam. You can also contact us online.