Skillful Representation For Will Challenges

Family members are sometimes surprised by their loved one's will. The disbursements are not always as anticipated and may be viewed as unfair. British Columbia law gives spouses, children and other interested parties the opportunity to challenge a will, in order to make changes that properly reflect the wishes of the deceased and comply with legal guidelines.

Will challenges are often hard on families as they involve legal proceedings soon after a death. Garton & Harris provides sensitive and reliable legal representation aimed at fair and expedient resolution. Our work for Port Coquitlam beneficiaries and estate administrators encompasses all forms of estate disputes, including issues of incapacity, formal invalidity and claims to alter or vary a will.

Legal Bases For Estate Litigation

It is difficult to handle an estate dispute without a lawyer. The arguments for and against changing or challenging a will are based on many technicalities, and when not done right, can create prolonged conflict between family members. Our lawyers at Garton & Harris will help you through it, whether you want to change a will or defend it as written.

Among the most common reasons to bring a claim are:

  • The will does not meet formal requirements such as witnesses and proper signatures
  • The deceased did not have the mental capacity to write the will
  • The deceased was unduly influenced or coerced into writing the will a certain way
  • The deceased did not make sufficient provisions for a spouse or children
  • Assets placed outside the will, such as in the case of a joint tenancy, were intended to be distributed between family members

Other factors may give rise to estate litigation. Beneficiaries may be unhappy with the actions of an estate administrator or trustee, and want that individual removed. When you meet with us, we will discuss your concerns and how best to address them legally.

Arrange A Confidential Consultation With Our Lawyers

Proper estate planning can often prevent will challenges. Garton & Harris offers comprehensive service to provide you and your family with long-term peace of mind. To learn more, call us toll free at 800-680-3701 or 778-730-0372 in Port Coquitlam. You can also use our online contact form.