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The basics of writing a will in British Columbia

Individuals who are concerned for their families upon their incapacitation or death have the option to write wills. This provides those individuals with a means through which they can express their wishes for the aspects that mean the most to them, such the who will be their executor of estate or who will have guardianship of their children should their passing come suddenly. Wills are also used to determine the distribution of their assets, no matter how few they have.

Powers of attorney in British Columbia estate plans

Accidents and illnesses strike people no matter their age. When people are considering how to handle their estates and assets, they may also consider having plans in place if they become unable to make decisions for themselves or handle their own affairs. This can be an important consideration for all individuals who are over the age of 18.

Intestate succession in British Columbia

A large number of people die each year without a will. In the event that occurs, their assets will pass according to the provincial intestate succession laws. Intestate succession is defined by provincial law, and a judge will order the passing of property to heirs according to those laws.

Planning for the inevitable

Everyone in British Columbia will eventually pass away, and planning for the inevitable is important in order to make certain one's wishes are followed in terms of important decisions, types of end-of-life treatment and passing of assets to beneficiaries. With careful planning, people can make certain they have a degree of control over the important decisions that may be needed in the event they become incapacitated as well as the manner in which their estates will be handled.

Wills Act replacement affects British Columbia inheritors

The wills people leave to provide for their loved ones must be executed to have the intended effect. On March 31, 2014, the Parliament of British Columbia enacted a Wills, Estates and Succession Act that made some changes to the existing laws. While the new legislation was written to ease the inheritance process, it grants courts powers that may result in notable changes in how wills are handled and how people structure their estates.

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