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Class certification for class action lawsuits

When two or more people wish to sue the same defendant for the defendant's wrongful actions in British Columbia, they may do so either separately or instead try to file a class action civil lawsuit. Provincial law outlines the procedure plaintiffs seeking to file a class action lawsuit must go through in order to file.

Grounds for appeal of a criminal conviction

In British Columbia, the grounds for appealing a federal conviction are governed by Criminal Code sections 674 and 675. Valid grounds for appeal vary based on the specifics of the case, conviction and defendant. The rules are different, for example, if the case was decided on summary conviction or by regular verdict.

Challenging a will in British Columbia

In some cases, after a loved one has passed, family members may be shocked at a will that was left behind. You may question whether your loved one validly executed the will, and you may not know what to do to challenge seemingly unfair or nonsensical distributions of assets.

Safety deposit boxes and estate administration

When a person in British Columbia dies, leaving behind a safety deposit box leased or rented either solely in his or her name or shared with another person, the law provides how the box should be opened and handled. This is important to ensure that the contents of the safety deposit box are correctly accounted for and included in the deceased person's estate.

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