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Legal help with power of attorney can be vital

Have you thought about a future time in your life when you may not be competent to make decisions for yourself? Having a power of attorney in place can give you true peace of mind. The person assigned this task can be hand-picked by you in order to ensure that your best interests are foremost in their mind. This person will represent you and your choices will be treated with care.

Without this power of attorney, your family will need to go before the court and apply for a court order to make decisions for you. This can be costly and cause stress on your family when they need to be focusing on you and your health.

Here at the law firm of Garton & Harris, we have years of experience in dealing with this type of situation and can offer advice and even a listening ear that will ensure you have all your documents in place should something happen to you.

Not only can medical decisions be made for you by your power of attorney representative, but financial decisions as well. Can you begin to see why it is wise to have your own appointee in place instead of a court ordered representative?

Lots of people assume that their spouse or a different yet close loved one will be able to automatically speak for you when you are incapacitated. This is not always true. If you don't have a person specifically named, any member of your family can apply for a court order from a judge and be your representative. Don't forget, this person makes all your decisions for you.

Having a loved one or spouse as your power of attorney is so important. Knowing that you have taken care of this not-so-minor decision can bring you and your loved ones great peace of mind.

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