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Attorney needed to help you write your will in British Columbia

Having a will in place can mean not only peace of mind for you, but a strong sense of well-being for your family and heirs. One of the major problems when parents pass away is "who gets what?" For instance, if you have a diamond engagement ring, which daughter gets to keep it? Or the lovely heirloom painting over the mantel?

Sitting down with an attorney who knows what questions to ask and can do the research with you to determine those issues ahead of time may be a good idea.

At the law office of Garton & Harris, we sit down with you and listen in order to guide you through the creation of an estate plan that also includes writing out a comprehensive will.

Have you thought about which child gets what asset? Have you promised one child the china and another the cedar chest?

Your attorney at Garton & Harris knows the questions to ask and will help you make an initial list of assets that will be passed on.

The list can be verbal, written notes, an audio recording, even putting a label on items in your home can suffice for who gets the valuable property. These methods can bring disputes and challenge to your will. The best way to bequeath your belongings is to have them directly in your will or in a memorandum to your will.

Remember though, what is valuable to your heirs may be of little value to the rest of the world. Many times it is simply something that meant a lot to them in their early years. Giving some of these up before you are gone can calm everyone's feelings. You will need to revise your will if you do this.

We are experienced attorneys who know what you need when it comes to writing wills that will stand up to scrutiny in court. We are down-to-earth and our advice reflects this image. Our focus is on you and we will do everything in our power to protect your heirs.

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