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Filing a will notice needs a solicitor's help

Having a will in place when you pass away not only gives a guideline to your children but can give you peace of mind. There is an agency called the Vital Statistics Agency that maintains the wills registry in British Columbia.

You can use this registry to register the location of a will or search for a wills notice if you are in the process of having a loved one's will probated. This is a necessary part of probating a will so don't forget it or you will be behind the power curve in a big way.

Of course, having a solicitor who takes care of all the details for you can be a huge help. You need time to grieve your loss and help others with their loss as well. Letting a legal professional take care of this will be a stress reliever.

The way you file a wills notice is to be sure and put your full legal name and birth date on the form. You will need to know the date the will was signed and the location of this will. The last bit of information you need to provide is the date you filed the will notice with the Agency for Vital Statistics.

You can file this yourself if you are over 19 years of age. If you are married and under the age of 19 you can also file this form yourself; if you are under 19 years of age and are in the Canadian Forces on active duty you may file this form yourself.

A lawyer can file this form on your behalf at any time. Again, having someone who has knowledge about this process and when it needs to be done can be a great comfort. You may not feel up to dealing with a government agency at this time.

Source: Province of British Columbia, "Wills Registry," accessed June 29, 2015

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