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Attorney needed for contesting a will in British Columbia

When a loved one dies, there is usually a will. Sometimes this will has surprises in it that are not pleasant to those expecting to be the heirs for the person who passed away. British Columbia has recourse for this and allows spouses and children and even other parties to contest the will in order to make changes that will more perfectly reflect the deceased person's wishes. The changes must comply with legal guidelines.

Having someone who can do the hard work of challenging a will can give you reassurance that it's done properly! The attorneys at Garton & Harris will provide sensible and reliable legal representation. If you are looking for a decision that is fair and is done in as quick a time as possible, call us.

We offer complete estate administration and probate services and we know how difficult it can be to contest a will without good legal representation.

If the will you are seeing doesn't match what you saw before or doesn't meet the formal requirements that are needed, such as witness signatures, this may be grounds for contesting the will.

Another reason to challenge a will is because the person did not have the mental capacity to have written the will you are seeing. Also, if it appears that the person who died was unduly pressured or coerced to sign a new will and this will makes major changes that weren't in the last will you viewed, this is certainly a reason to contest the document.

Calling us in when the problem first rears its head is a good idea. We know the laws of British Columbia and will do everything in our power to see that you get what you deserve without the stress of handling it yourself.

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