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Having an estate plan can bring peace of mind

Have you contemplated putting an estate plan in place, only to stop because the task seems too daunting and difficult on your own? The law firm of Garton & Harris understands this, and with our extensive knowledge of the subject, we know how to organize your documents, do research on your situation and give you answers and options to put your estate plan in place. We know how to help you plan for when you are incapacitated or no longer here.

We not only help you put an estate plan in place, we can help you with the administration as well. This aspect helps the person who is the appointed power of attorney of your estate. Since we helped you plan your estate, we can help administer the estate as well. The person in charge needs time to grieve your loss and may not be able to handle seeing the plan through to the end. We can assist in a matter-of-fact manner.

We know that planning is important and can help you by asking questions and putting a legal document in place that outlines who gets what. We know that you may believe that because your estate is small, you don't need a plan. That everything will work out on its own. This isn't necessarily true. If one of your children wants the china and another wants Grandma's quilt, you need to realize that these things mean more than just money to them. It is a piece of their past and keeps your memory alive.

Part of an estate plan is a will. This is where you tell each person who is an heir what he or she can expect from you in terms of assets and property. Do you want a charity to also get something from your estate? It needs to be in the will. If your children are in the will also, you need to be specific as to who is receiving what. This will allow them time to understand that, while you are no longer here, you cared enough to put this plan in place.

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