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Estate planning includes many interlocking parts

If you have ever been involved when a loved one has died without a will and had no will or power of attorney, you know how convoluted it can be. The property this person owned had to be probated by the British Columbian court system and this can literally take months if not years. All of the heirs had to be tracked down and the property had to be divided.

The law firm of Garton & Harris can handle your estate planning because that is what we specialize in. We are a committed firm of attorneys who put ourselves to work on your behalf. We do our research, listen to what you want to achieve with your assets and offer you down-to-earth advice. We will offer options on what can take place.

We realize that this may be new for you and can be a bit confusing. We will make sure to put our knowledge and experience to work for you in the arena of your estate plan and maximize the chances of the outcome you desire.

An estate plan has a few different aspects to it and we will discuss your will, your power of attorney and any trusts that you may want to set up. Your estate plan can include what you want to happen to your minor children if something should happen to you. We can help you design an estate plan that protects your assets from many of the taxes that may be levied upon your passing away.

We can make your will and trusts able to stand up in a court of law, if it becomes necessary. Our knowledge on this subject is just what you need in order to see that your wishes are adhered to and that your heirs don't have to get the court involved.

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