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Remove the guesswork in a medical crisis with a power of attorney

Over the decades, the medical sciences have made advancements that help people enjoy longer and healthier lives. However, the unthinkable can still happen and you or someone you love could end up on life support or become incapable of making medical decisions. Medical science now offers the means of keeping people alive for an extended time, even when recovery is unlikely. This can put family members who must make decisions about the patient's life in a difficult spot.

One way to save your loved ones from making the decision of whether to keep you on life support or not is by creating a durable power of attorney for personal care. With this legal document, you can remove the guesswork for your family. A power of attorney is a legal document in which you can put your wishes about health care and life support in writing. In turn, your loved ones will know your wishes should you become incapacitated or placed on life support.

Further, there are times when even a family member cannot make medical decisions for you without a power of attorney or a representation agreement. When this happens, your family will have to seek assistance from the court to make decisions regarding your medical care. This type of power of attorney covers not just life support but other personal care directives should you be unable to communicate your wishes on your own behalf.

It can be difficult to contemplate a medical crisis or an incapacitating medical condition. However, when you think deeper on the matter, you will probably recognize the power this gives you over your life and health. We recommend that all citizens in British Columbia consider a power of attorney to govern their treatment should a crisis occur. Please continue reading on our detailed website.

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