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What are the fees associated with probate in British Columbia?

It is impossible to give you a precise figure as the total of any fees will be based on the value of the estate. However, you can likely calculate an estimate of any fees required for probate by educating yourself about the process. Alternatively, you can speak with a British Columbia lawyer practicing in the field of wills and trusts to receive more specific information about probate and any fees you must pay.

In the BC province, your first fee for probate will be an initial $200 to submit an application for probate. After that, the courts will calculate other fees according to the value of the deceased's assets. Here is a breakdown of the court fee schedule for British Columbia.

-- For estates valued at $25.000 or less no fee is required

-- For estates valued at more than $25,000 but less than $50.000 you must pay $6 per each $1,000 or part of $1,000 of the estate's value

-- For estates valued at more than $50,000 you must pay $14 per each $1,000 or part of $1,000 of the estate's value

You will be responsible for any lawyer fees as well. Since each lawyer sets his or her own fees, you cannot know these costs until you speak with your lawyer.

At this point you might be wondering whether you actually require a lawyer during the probate process. No, you are not legally required to use a lawyer during probate but many find it beneficial. A lawyer can accurately and efficiently handle many of the legal aspects of probate, ensuring you have followed the letter of the law throughout the process.

Source: BC Laws, "Probate Fee Act," accessed March 18, 2016

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