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Woman loses nursing registration after coercing power of attorney

A nurse formerly employed with the Royal Ascot Care Centre as a director has lost her registration with the British Columbia College of Registered Nurses. Reportedly, the former nurse is accused of falsifying referral forms, inducing power of attorney and stealing from an 86-year-old female patient. Among the allegedly stolen items was a coin collection, which the nurse later returned in secret.

One of the main functions of the college is to ensure British Columbia citizens receive "safe, competent care from safe, trustworthy nurses." The chief executive officer of the college said the accused has been barred from employment as a nurse in the British Columbia province.

The allegations against the nurse are many and varied. Reports indicate the woman met the alleged victim when the victim's sister became a resident at the facility. After that, the nurse began transporting the victim to her appointments and also began encouraging her to become a resident at the facility, even though she knew the elderly woman could not afford to live at the centre. News stories also say the nurse falsified referral documents by claiming the victim suffered from several medical conditions including dementia.

After the victim suffered two falls at the centre, she was hospitalized and the nurse reportedly "induced and influenced" the victim to give her power of attorney. By the time an investigation was initiated, the nurse had cleaned out the elderly woman's apartment, disposing of some items, taking others home with her and bringing other items to the care centre.

This story shows how very vulnerable the elderly is to financial abuse. One of the best ways to prevent this kind of abuse is by engaging in estate planning while you are still fit and able. When you already have a will or a power of attorney in place, it greatly reduces the risk of losing your legacy to opportunists. You should consult with an estate planning lawyer if you would like to learn more.

Source: CBC News, "B.C. nurse loses her job after assuming power of attorney and taking elderly woman's coin collection," Jason Proctor, May 08, 2016

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