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Get professional guidance when changing your power of attorney

We all know that sometimes even the best laid plans can go awry. For example, a person puts a great deal of thought into a power of attorney but circumstances arise that may require changes. Perhaps the person he or she has chosen to act as attorney becomes ill or passes away. Whatever the reason, sometimes legal documents must be updated, revoked or suspended in order to meet the needs of the individual. A power of attorney is one such document that occasionally needs attention.

When a power of attorney is changed or revoked, there are things that must happen for the document to be legal in British Columbia. This is a job lawyers can handle very efficiently. Lawyers understand how to make the required changes without rendering the document invalid. As an example, consider this: You have made changes to your power of attorney but did not know you must provide written notice to the person or persons acting as attorney. It is entirely possible that your carefully-prepared power of attorney is no longer valid because of this error.

There are many reasons when a change to your power of attorney is necessary. However, in the interests of keeping your estate plan strong and airtight, you will want to have a lawyer help you make these changes. In this way, the legal documents you have chosen to work in your best interests will continue to protect you and your loved ones.

While planning your estate may often seem complicated, you can always get the help you need from a lawyer familiar with estate planning. To learn more right now, we invite you to review our website or reach out to our staff members.

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