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Your life, death and legacy in the 21st century

For a long time in the history of mankind, people did not give much thought to their death or their legacy. They lived day-to-day, surviving and enjoying life's happier moments until death overtook them. The modern times of today gives people the opportunity to take a deeper look into the future. As a result, many Canadians seek to find a way to enjoy life in the now while also contemplating what will happen to their legacies after death.

Wills, trusts and overall estate planning provide a way to address future concerns that may arise post-death. There are basically two approaches: the bare bones minimum and the comprehensive in-depth. The latter is largely considered legacy planning by many citizens of British Columbia. This type of planning strives to address in your death all of the things you cared about during your life. This can include your family, your property and even your favorite charities.

For those who are interested in the comprehensive approach to estate planning, a lawyer is an invaluable resource. He or she can introduce you to concepts of planning you have not thought of. For example, a lawyer can help you address your family history in your estate planning documents. Legacy planning can also help you outline precisely how you pass along treasured family heirlooms and other historical items.

In planning to preserve your legacy, you can include a special type of document called an ethical will or a legacy letter. With this, you can pass on your morals, your values, your belief system and other personal or intimate things for your survivors to cherish.

In short, your life, your legacy and even your death can take on more meaning for those you leave behind. We invite you to take a look at our website for additional information about British Columbia wills and estate planning.

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