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How can you honor someone you’ve recently lost?

One of the ways many people deal with the immediate grief following the loss of a loved one is by honoring that person in some way. Remembering the person, and telling favorite stories about him or her, can help reduce the shock of the loss. Throughout the days, weeks and months following a death, you can honor someone in numerous ways.

Many people honor loved ones through the funeral and burial process. It's important to understand what the person might have wished for his or her own burial or memorial so you can best honor the individual. That's one reason for talking about end-of-life concerns with other members of your family. Memorial options can range from very formal, traditional wakes and funerals to informal gatherings or scattering of ashes. Keeping the proceedings in line with the deceased wishes and personality helps provide the best possible closure and positive feelings of remembrance during the service.

As time goes on, you might want to continue honoring or remembering a lost loved one. One of the most traditional ways people do this is to put flowers on that person's grave. You can visit the grave yourself to have some time of reflection and leave flowers, or you can work with a professional service that maintains the grave and ensures a memorial is always present.

You might also consider honoring a loved one in the way you handle his or her estate. Working to ensure that the person's wishes regarding one's property are followed is a great way to honor his or her memory. If you are unsure how to honor those wishes through estate administration, consider working with an estate law professional to complete the legal process.

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