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Wills of particular importance to workers in dangerous jobs

There is a tendency to think that only the oldest among us need to worry about making end-of-life plans. Some more enlightened individuals may realize that arranging one's affairs is important for anyone with children, or any kind of significant financial holdings or other assets. The truth is, however, wills and other advanced planning directives are beneficial to anyone over 18 years of age. In particular, men and women working in hazardous industries should be prepared for any eventuality.

British Columbia has its share of potentially dangerous occupations. Among our working men and women are ocean-going fishers, stevedores, loggers and miners. And of course there are emergency service people like police officers and firefighters. Though everyone strives to work safely at all times, some professions carry an extra element of risk. For people employed in these career areas, it is well advised to consider some advance planning in case of an accident, fatal or otherwise.

An organization of firefighters in the United States recommends that all its members, regardless of age, make preparations for an accident. They suggest not only having a will, but also assigning power of attorney and naming someone to make medical decisions in case of a debilitating injury. Assuming that such decisions will automatically fall to a spouse or parent may be setting up loved ones for a difficult time down the road.

While those who perform dangerous duties on a regular basis should make provision for a possible accident, wills are a good idea for all adult residents of British Columbia. By working with an experienced lawyer, any individual can create a will, a trust or a power of attorney. Having these documents in place will provide peace of mind during life, and much need comfort and assistance in the event of an unexpected tragedy.

Source:, "What to do before a firefighter is hurt", Robert Avsec, Dec. 19, 2016

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