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Legal guidance can make drafting wills uncomplicated

Up-to-date estate plans can provide a significant level of peace of mind regardless of your age and the value of your assets. In fact, as soon as individuals start earning incomes, drafting wills are sensible things to do. Some British Columbia people only start considering their own mortality once they marry and start families.

You might find the prospect of drafting a will overwhelming. Fortunately, with the support and guidance of an experienced lawyer, you can accomplish the entire process drafting of drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other estate planning instruments. At the law firm of Garton & Harris, a seasoned lawyer will help you to record your wishes for taking care of your loved ones once you are no longer there to do it.

Your legal representative can explain the legal requirements of a will and help you draft it in a way that will hold up in court if it is challenged. For example, if you do not make acceptable provision for your children and your spouse, the court may challenge your will upon your death. You can address most of your assets in your will, and you can include exceptions such as retirement accounts for which you have already appointed beneficiaries in a trust.

A lawyer can make sure guardianship for your children is included in your will, along with naming the individual you want to be the executor of it. Drafting of wills is complicated but necessary to ensure that asset distribution follows the wishes of the deceased person. British Columbia estate planning attorneys can make estate planning easy by providing valuable advice and input.

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