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"Unfair" wills may be challenged in court

In preparation for their eventual demise, many people make arrangements for the distribution of their estates after their passing. Wills are probably the most common method employed for this task. Although a person may choose to distribute an estate however he or she sees fit, within reason, there may be circumstances in which disgruntled heirs cry foul and challenge the will in court. Such an event is currently taking place here in British Columbia.

Some lesser known facts about power of attorney in B.C.

There are many legal tools available to help men and women in British Columbia transition into old age with fewer worries. Wills, power of attorney and other advance planning directives are excellent methods of preparing for future possibilities. Granting power of attorney, in particular, is a versatile way for anyone looking to secure his or her care or finances down the road.

Most wills should be made with the assistance of a lawyer

There are many projects that can be viewed as do-it-yourself tasks. Simple household repairs and basic car maintenance, for example, are chores a lot of people choose to handle on their own. More complicated endeavors, like electrical work or replacing a transmission, may require a professional. The same can be said of wills; while there are many who feel a will is something they can tackle alone, many people have specific requirements that make using a lawyer a very good idea.

During probate, it is important to file all the right documents

There are many responsibilities assigned to the executor of an estate. Of these, probate is perhaps the most important, as it precedes all other aspects of administering the estate. In order for probate to proceed in British Columbia, several important documents must be submitted.

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