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Most wills should be made with the assistance of a lawyer

There are many projects that can be viewed as do-it-yourself tasks. Simple household repairs and basic car maintenance, for example, are chores a lot of people choose to handle on their own. More complicated endeavors, like electrical work or replacing a transmission, may require a professional. The same can be said of wills; while there are many who feel a will is something they can tackle alone, many people have specific requirements that make using a lawyer a very good idea.

A will can be a simple document or a complex one, depending on the nature of one's estate, and how that person wishes to dispose of it. The more complicated things are, the more value there is in working with a lawyer. For example, if for some reason a person wishes to exclude his or her spouse and/or children, or severely limit their benefits, a lawyer would be the best bet for getting this done. British Columbia law expects a person's closest relatives to benefit from an estate; running contrary to that expectation may be difficult, and almost certainly beyond the scope of someone without a lot of legal skill.

If a person has real estate holding in another province or country, or if income tax is owed elsewhere, there are complexities in the estate about which a professional may need to advise. Even simply owning a cottage can introduce issues that a lawyer or a tax professional should review. On the subject of ownership, owning a business in whole or in part also muddies the legal waters. In order to be certain one's wishes are followed to the letter, the input of a lawyer might be necessary.

These are just a few of the many reasons why it is often best to engage the services of a lawyer when wills are being considered. Having a well crafted will can provide peace of mind, knowing that one's estate will be looked after when the time comes. A proficient British Columbia lawyer can help ensure a will is properly prepared.

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