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Choosing an executor for estate administration

It isn't always easy to know who to trust. However, hopefully by the time a person is old enough to think seriously about writing a will, one will have ongoing relationships with people who are concerned with one's best interests. From that pool of people, a person writing a will in British Columbia must choose an executor to take on the onerous task of estate administration

Is probate always necessary in British Columbia?

If one is named as executor of an estate, a potentially complex process is about to unfold during one of the most emotional times in anyone's life. Handling probate and estate administration in British Columbia is not an easy task even at the best of times. If it were possible to largely eliminate the need to probate, it could simplify matters considerably. There are circumstances under which this may be possible.

Professional tips for wills and estate planning in BC

Going through life without doing any estate planning is like going on vacation without making reservations. Odds are, upon reaching the final destination without any plans, there will be chaos and frustration trying to sort things out. Wills are the primary tools for dispersing estates in British Columbia, and making an effective will requires careful consideration. For those entering the planning stages, here are some expert tips to remember.

Conditions under which wills may be contested

As death is inevitable, it only makes sense to plan ahead for when it happens. Wills are the cornerstone of estate planning, and are the most common method used in British Columbia for distributing an estate. In an ideal world, the will passes through probate and administration without a hitch, and everyone tries as best as may be to get through a difficult time. Unfortunately, matters do not always transpire so easily.

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