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Power of attorney can protect a British Columbia senior

The elderly are often prime targets to take advantage of, so they need to have protection from being potential prey to unscrupulous financial abusers. British Columbia's aging citizens become more vulnerable to financial abuse the older they get. However, there are safeguards these trusting souls can put into place to prevent a financial disaster, one of which is a power of attorney.

A trustworthy executor is key for probate administration

When a parent dies, there are many uncomfortable things an adult child must endure. The loved one may have suffered through a long illness that was difficult to watch, or the funeral may have been particularly emotional. Before the dust even settles, however, the matters of estate and probate administration begin, including some of the fiduciary duties of the designated executor. However, do family members in British Columbia have any say if they don't trust the estate executor?

A power of attorney might have saved comatose man's belongings

When most people in British Columbia think about estate planning, they probably focus on what will happen to their assets after they pass away. Some especially astute men and women may also recognize the value of granting power of attorney to a trusted loved one in case they lose the ability to make decisions for themselves later in life. However, having a power of attorney can pay dividends at any time and any age should something unexpected happen.

Helpful tips for writing wills and other estate planning in BC

For nearly every task imaginable there is a professional one can hire to get the job done. Although some people prefer a do-it-yourself approach to life, there are some jobs best left to those with proper skills and training. The writing of wills is a great example; it is possible to make one's own will, but there may be a higher risk of issues arising that could derail one's plans. Here are a few tips about estate planning in British Columbia, and some of the complex situations that may necessitate using the skills of a legal professional.

Woman alleges late brother's caregivers abused power of attorney

As some people age, they become increasingly reliant on others to look after them. In the absence of close family, some may turn to paid caregivers. There are those who abuse their positions of trust, unfortunately, and prey upon the senior citizens who put their trust in them. A story unfolding in another province may serve as a warning to anyone in British Columbia considering granting power of attorney over his or her affairs.

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