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Estate administration without help could be a daunting prospect

The time immediately after a loved one's death is a time for grieving. However, if you were appointed to handle the estate administration, you might have to suppress emotions and tackle this detailed, time-consuming process, which many people might find overwhelming. Fortunately, the lawyers at the British Columbia law firm of Garton & Harris can provide the necessary support and guidance to make sure you meet every legal duty.

The importance of talking to loved ones about an estate plan

Talking with family members about death is not an easy prospect. However, doing so can significantly limit future surprises, especially regarding an estate plan that contains important information about the last wishes of their loved one. Having that difficult discussion may actually show loved ones their welfare is paramount.

Important considerations before pursuing a business purchase

British Columbia residents have different reasons for potentially purchasing a business. A particular company may interest you because it is successful, or it may be available at a low price because it is failing. Will you be able to maintain the success of the first choice, or can you rebuild a failing business? These and more questions will need answers before you commit to a purchase, which can risk your financial stability.

Abuse of power of attorney responsibilities may be on the rise

Those who take the time to write their estate plans more than likely give special consideration to whom they choose for specific tasks. Giving someone the responsibilities documented within a power of attorney places great trust in that individual not to take advantage of what could be a very volatile financial situation. It is surprising how many people who are formally given this role in British Columbia and all across Canada abuse it, and very often those who do are adult children.

What loved ones can do when omitted from wills

When British Columbia residents are omitted from the will of a loved one, it can cause many emotions to surface, such as sadness and anger. Once they have come to terms with what has happened, they might be able to think more logically and then realize there are some things they may be able to do to remedy the issue. In fact, wills have been the reason for many litigation cases in the last few years. 

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