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Estate administration without help could be a daunting prospect

The time immediately after a loved one's death is a time for grieving. However, if you were appointed to handle the estate administration, you might have to suppress emotions and tackle this detailed, time-consuming process, which many people might find overwhelming. Fortunately, the lawyers at the British Columbia law firm of Garton & Harris can provide the necessary support and guidance to make sure you meet every legal duty.

The lawyers can steer you through the checklist of duties, which will include making arrangements for a funeral and burial and locating all the heirs. You might have little knowledge of where the deceased loved one held his or her assets; however, you will have to find and secure it and then arrange for it to be sold. You will also have to pay his or her debts and cancel any subscriptions he or she had.

Another task will be to file a final tax return and pay estate taxes. Once all those tasks are done, it will be time to make a final report to the beneficiaries. Sadly, family feuds sometimes lead to contention, and accusations of unethical administration or liability could arise.

However, if you secure the services of the experienced British Columbia lawyers at Garton & Harris, you can avoid such allegations. The skilled legal team can assist with the management of the entire estate administration process and make sure the legal requirements of every step is met. The lawyers can also answer any questions you might have about probate or any other matters related to estate administration.

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