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Many people in Canada admit they don't have wills

An Angus Reid poll this year shows that half of all Canadians don't have a will. People in British Columbia are busy living, and no one wants to think about being incapacitated or about their own deaths. Yet, wills are such an important component of an all-encompassing estate plan in Canada ,and taking the time to write one may save already grieving loved ones even more heartache.

The recourse to being left out of wills in British Columbia

Wills can stir up all kinds of emotions, and some of them are not very nice. When British Columbia residents who have expected to be named in wills find that they have been left out, there may be feelings of anger, hurt and resentment. But even though challenging a will can be costly and nerve-wracking, more Canadians are doing so. There is a chance of winning such litigation.

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