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Wills in British Columbia: Choosing the right guardian for kids

It's something parents never want to think about, yet must when doing what's best for their children. Choosing a guardian for minor children in the event of their deaths is a difficult, yet unconditionally loving thing British Columbia parents can do for their kids by way of their wills. Parents want their children to be raised by people they trust and love and who they believe will bring their children up in much the same way they would have done. 

Wills: When an executor can't be trusted

When naming people to act in authoritative positions in estate planning, no one is likely to choose someone he or she thinks can't be trusted. But, sometimes even the best laid plans go astray and some executors of wills in British Columbia may turn out to be less than honest. An executor is supposed to put the interests of the estate first, and when that doesn't happen, it can be particularly difficult for beneficiaries.

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