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Wills in British Columbia: Choosing the right guardian for kids

It's something parents never want to think about, yet must when doing what's best for their children. Choosing a guardian for minor children in the event of their deaths is a difficult, yet unconditionally loving thing British Columbia parents can do for their kids by way of their wills. Parents want their children to be raised by people they trust and love and who they believe will bring their children up in much the same way they would have done. 

Alarmingly, more than 55 per cent of Canadians don't have a will. It's even more alarming when those individuals have children. It may be because they are putting off choosing a guardian for their children. It's tough to think about, but would be even tougher on the children should their parents die intestate and without naming someone to care for them. The kids could become wards of the state and family members might have to fight for custody. 

Deciding on who should be the guardian and asking that person before creating any formal document is the first step. Once that crucial decision has been made, the guardian's contact information should be included in or along with a will so the executor of the will can easily locate the person. It's also wise to include an alternate guardian in case something unforeseen should happen with the first individual. Typically, the executor and the guardian should not be the same person just to ensure things are balanced.

There is nothing more important to parents in British Columbia than the well-being and happiness of their children. Wills can be a reflection of that love. A lawyer can fashion an estate plan to give clients giving peace of mind that any children will be looked after should something happen to them.

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