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Badly written wills may leave hard feelings in the family

Planning a well-rounded, legally sound estate goes a long way to keeping the peace in the family. By the same token, estate plans in British Columbia with wills that are poorly written and unclear may cause family angst that need not have happened, especially when there is a lot of stake. The last thing anyone would want to have happen is a family pulled apart because of a will.

Being an executor involves more than just distributing assets

If you agree to serve as the executor of someone's estate, it means taking on immense responsibility. If a friend or family member appointed you to this position in his or her will, it may be to your benefit to carefully consider whether you wish to take on this role now that the individual has passed away before taking any action that could legally obligate you to carry out an executor's duties.

Estate administation: The public guardian and trustee's role

Where there is a will, there is a way. And when the person named in a will to be the executor cannot take on the task of estate administration in British Columbia (nor can an intestate successor or beneficiary or any other person), the province may step in and appoint a public guardian and trustee (PGT) who may do so. This individual would follow the directives in the will.

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