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Badly written wills may leave hard feelings in the family

Planning a well-rounded, legally sound estate goes a long way to keeping the peace in the family. By the same token, estate plans in British Columbia with wills that are poorly written and unclear may cause family angst that need not have happened, especially when there is a lot of stake. The last thing anyone would want to have happen is a family pulled apart because of a will.

Sadly, it can and does happen, especially when there are a number of assets involved. But with appropriate legal planning and accounting, a will can be beneficial to all heirs and can maintain the peace. Having an updated, well-written will that will hold up legally is imperative as is communicating what is in that will. Leaving surprises might not bode well with loved ones.

Many Canadians aren't the greatest when it comes to writing wills let alone having them updated as life changes. In fact, of the 51 per cent of Canadians who do actually have a will, 35 per cent admit the will is outdated. That in itself could cause a rift between surviving family members. 

Wills that are written to the letter of the law are important to keep family squabbles at bay after loved ones pass away. A lawyer in British Columbia may be able to provide insight into the logistics that accompany a well-written will and offer advice on such things as probate, tax ramifications and how a business should be addressed in a will. A lawyer might be able to guide his or her clients on writing a will that would satisfy family members and keep the peace amidst a time of grief.

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