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Online wills may be estate planning mistakes in British Columbia

It's important to plan for the inevitable. Estate planning should be a part of every adult British Columbia resident's life, but for many people writing wills is the last thing on their radar. When they do think of it, they might resort to doing it the best way they believe is possible. Some turn to online forms, but they may be sorely misguided.

Online will forms, according to most experts, are not reliable and as such actually come with disclaimers. The average person wouldn't know if these forms contained mistakes or included things that weren't legal. Wills are meant to be unique -- reflective of personal situations, not one size fits all. 

They also don't take into account what is going on in a person's life when these forms are being filled out. The person could have cognitive difficulties or other issues that would entail needing help with a will. In fact, there are so many reasons why online wills are a bad idea.

What someone sees as a convenience can actually turn into the biggest inconvenience when he or she is considering using an online form to create a will. There are many complexities to take into account when writing wills, and a lawyer would be able to ensure his or her client doesn't make costly errors in an estate plan. A British Columbia lawyer can ascertain whether his or her client is leaving something out which should be included and vice versa. Unique situations of clients would also be considered such as clients who are in common law relationships, those with children and those who have high asset situations.

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