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How much authority does a power of attorney really have?

When choosing someone to look after their affairs when they are incapable, Canadians have to keep a few things in mind. Those who hold a financial power of attorney in British Columbia are in positions of authority over someone else's money, so choosing a person who is trustworthy and knows something about finances is pretty important. That being said, there are certain things such a person can't do according to the law.

Separating Couples Must Change Their Wills Immediately

Many couples think that the process of separating from each other will automatically change their wills, powers of attorney, insurance beneficiaries, representation agreements and trusts. It does not. The two ex-spouses are in for a rude shock. If they do not actively change these documents, their ex-spouse will remain the beneficiary of their wills and retain any authority assigned to them in a power of attorney or representation agreement.

Wills still need to be hand signed in British Columbia

The 21st century is no doubt the technological age. Many legal documents are actually executed online using an electronic signature. But when it comes to wills, it's not that easy for British Columbia residents. Actually, all Canadians can electronically sign invoices, quotes, proposals, contracts and many other kinds of documents. Wills, however, are another story. 

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