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Estate administration: Keeping the peace among family members

One of the issues in the back of most people's minds when they think about planning their estates is how to keep everyone happy. That goal may be much easier to attain and estate administration much simpler when British Columbia residents put into place some pertinent things in place when writing their plans. One of those includes choosing the right executor to administer the will.  

Being reasonable in every aspect of estate planning will likely keep family members from tearing each other apart when the time comes for a plan to be executed. And that not only goes for money, but for personal effects as well. A testator wouldn't want anyone fighting over items considered to have sentimental value such as an heirloom handed down from generation to generation. Not everything included in a will has a great monetary value and sometimes items that have emotions attached to them can cause more problems. So, it is necessary that an honest, open discussion should take place around these things.

When it comes to the chosen executor, he or she should have regular communication with the beneficiaries. It will go a long way to reducing any suspicion that things aren't on the up and up. A testator should suggest that his or her executor provide beneficiaries with any pertinent reports, answers to questions and steps being taken to administer to the estate.

Working with a British Columbia lawyer will ensure that a testator's will is clear, within the letter of the law and reasonable. When everything is as it should be in an estate plan, estate administration should be relatively seamless. When this is the case, loved ones should have little reason to quibble.

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