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Wills are important for having last wishes carried out

Life moves quickly. Everyone is caught up in living his or her own life and often very little attention is paid to the future and to the unforeseen events that might happen. British Columbia residents need to take some time out of their busy schedules to consider fashioning their wills as well as other estate planning documents. It's necessary to be prepared.

Having last wishes in writing is crucial for them to be carried out. It's not good enough telling family members. A will provides specific instructions regarding assets and to whom they should be left. Having help to draft a proper and legally binding will makes things go much smoother after a testator passes away. There are things that need to be in place for a will to be binding and a lawyer can ensure those criteria are met.

As individuals write their wills, they should also consider other documents which may be of benefit to their beneficiaries. Those can also include trusts. Each person's life circumstance is different and getting legal advice when working on an estate plan can be extremely helpful in ensuring that plan in complete. 

A British Columbia lawyer experienced in estate planning can help residents to write wills that adhere to the letter to the law. He or she may also be able to point out various assets about which a client may have forgotten. A lawyer may also be able to advise a client on other documents to round out an estate plan such as a power of attorney or an advance health care directive. 

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