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Wills: Keeping the peace in British Columbia families

Talking about an inheritance may not be the easiest discussion parents will ever have with their adult children. Speaking to children about wills and other estate planning documents may not be pleasant, but it is necessary. British Columbia residents who want to keep peace in their families when they're gone should really discuss who will be getting what when the time comes and give their children the chance to weigh in with their thoughts and feelings.

No parent wants to feel that their children believe they're being treated unfairly. Discussing estate planning -- especially when blended families are involved -- allows siblings to avoid a potential fallout regarding their inheritance. Open, honest discussion is one way to make everything work and to help everyone involved understand where each person is coming from. 

Parents don't want their families to be torn apart by estate planning. Having a frank discussion might be emotionally fraught, but it would be worse not communicating at all. When children are involved in the planning process, it may pave the way for some serenity they experience when their parents are no longer here and when the estate plan is administered.

A British Columbia lawyer can sit with a client who has had a discussion with his or her children and help the client by explaining estate planning documents like wills, powers of attorney and health care directives. A lawyer can assist a client in fashioning an estate plan that meets his or her family's needs. Keeping family members content and at peace during their grieving is part of the goal of a comprehensive estate plan and a lawyer can help a client achieve this goal. 

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