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How to discuss power of attorney and estate plans with family

When families get together, estate plans are probably the last thing most people want to discuss. It can be an emotional topic for many, and can feel quite morbid to raise during the usual holiday get-togethers. However, it is important that British Columbia individuals start these conversations with their families, so those who are named as power of attorney or executor have clarity on what is to come.

For some people, it is easier to approach these issues organically, when they naturally come up in conversation. This typically involves breaking the conversation into smaller topics and raising them when the time feels right. This works well for families who speak fairly often and candidly.

Topics that will need to be addressed varied. Medical conversations are very important, as they help a power of attorney to know how to respond in different situations according to one's wishes. Financial plans, roles and responsibilities, and insurance are also worth discussing.

While not every person needs to be part of every discussion, it does help for messages to be consistent and clear to all children and loved ones. This will help to prevent conflict down the line, and ensure those named power of attorney are supported in even the most difficult decisions they must make. Clarifying plans and showing the legal paperwork to all involved can help clear up any ambiguity. A British Columbia estate planning lawyer can help with the creation of these documents, as well as advising on the type of planning needed to prepare for the future.

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