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Should funeral plans be considered when preparing wills?

Thorough, informed and legally sound plans for the future can make it far easier for families to move forward when a loved one passes away. Preparing wills, compiling essential information and sharing end-of-life wishes may seem morbid, but British Columbia families who take these steps can reduce a lot of stress when the time comes. Funeral plans can be helpful to include in this process, especially if there are particular wishes loved ones should consider.

Planning a funeral without advanced planning can be an emotional and financial burden. It is often an issue people either avoid or do not think about, as it seems morbid and uncomfortable. However, recent cultural shifts and increased availability of services and information have made advance planning such as this more common among Canadians.

Planning funeral details can actually be a fairly easy and straight-forward process. Quite simply, it involves making decisions, recording those decisions and. ideally, communicating them to loved ones in order to answer any questions. Those who are single and without children should consider such planning in particular, as there may not be an obvious person to take on the planning process or someone close enough to know exactly what the person would have wanted.

The process of pre-planning funeral details often involves sitting with a funeral director to discuss options and decisions. Cemetery space can also be looked into at this time. Using wills to make decisions legally sound is also helpful. A British Columbia lawyer can support this process and advise on other planning tasks that may be helpful to take on as well.

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