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Besides wills, what estate planning documents should be prepared?

No one wants to leave his or her family in a challenging predicament when he or she passes away. Deciding where assets will go and how affairs will be handled after death is important for British Columbia adults. Just as important as making these decisions is documenting them in ways that are comprehensive, comprehensible and legally sound. This involves the drafting of documents, particularly wills.

4 costly missteps when buying a business

Starting a business from the ground up can be appealing, but it is not the only option. Buying an existing business could be an appealing opportunity, as well. It can be less uncertain than starting from scratch, and it could be easier to secure financing from investors and banks.

Understanding the process of naming a power of attorney

Many people understand the importance of naming someone to take care of affairs after they pass away. But, what if an individual is still alive but unable to make decisions? In these cases, having a power of attorney named in accordance with British Columbia estate law can make a significant difference. Setting up a power of attorney can be quite easy, and is often done as part of the overall estate planning process.

4 things to leave out of a will if you want to prevent conflict

The death of a loved one can leave friends and family devastated. People can be struggling with grief and sadness; some may feel lost or alone. Adding a controversial or confusing will to the mix can make the situation even more upsetting because it can create a complicated legal environment that loved ones must navigate.

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