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Planning An Estate For A Blended Family

Nowadays, there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ family which is something to be celebrated. Having the freedom to decide how to live with the people you love is a wonderful thing. That being said, navigating estate planning can become increasingly complicated when a testator has previously been married or is part of a blended family.

Report provides revealing statistics on wills in Canada

Life can quickly become overwhelming. Often people in Canada are so focused on the present, they may not see a need to focus on the future, including creating a will. While there are a variety of factors that delay people from creating wills, a recent report by the Angus Reid Institute reveals some information that may be surprising to some.

Personal and healthcare directives in wills in Canada

When people are no longer able to make decisions for themselves, yet still want some control over what happens in their lives, having a health care or personal directive drawn up may be the answer. Wills in Canada can incorporate such directives, which will appoint someone to make healthcare decisions on their behalf should they not have the mental capacity to do do. Generally speaking, a power of attorney is the same thing. 

Can wills made in British Columbia be revoked?

Many people state clearly in a will what they would like to have happen after they die. British Columbia resident fashion wills to state what should happen with their assets and their belongings and anything else having to do with their death such as funeral arrangements. Every province and territory in Canada has laws protecting the writers of wills, also known as testators. These laws are fairly consistent and protect testators' wishes.

Wills can spell out who inherits digital accounts in B.C.

Living in a technological age, most people have social media pages on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All these sites need passwords to access. What happens if tragedy should strike and the owner of the pages dies? British Columbia residents can make provisions in their wills as to who looks after their digital accounts when they die.

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