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British Columbians needn't leave kids anything in their wills

Planning what to leave whom after death can be an emotionally fraught task, especially if children are in the picture. But wills don't just have to include children. In fact in British Columbia -- and all of Canada -- folks don't have to leave anything to their kids if they choose not to.

Wills a must for parents of blended families in British Columbia

Families like the Brady Bunch might have been unusual back in the 1960s and 70s, but blended families are becoming the norm in today. There are many changes to get used to when two families are brought together. The need for two-family parents in British Columbia to have wills is essential when it comes to spelling out what should happen in the event of the death of one or both parents or step-parents.

Wills make end-of-life decisions less complicated

Many people these days are taking steps to plan for the end of their lives. Part of the planning process includes getting a will, and in British Columbia it's especially important to have the right documents in place. Unlike in some provinces -- Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia for exanple -- living wills, which spell out end-of-life instructions, don't exist in British Columbia.

Helpful tips for writing wills and other estate planning in BC

For nearly every task imaginable there is a professional one can hire to get the job done. Although some people prefer a do-it-yourself approach to life, there are some jobs best left to those with proper skills and training. The writing of wills is a great example; it is possible to make one's own will, but there may be a higher risk of issues arising that could derail one's plans. Here are a few tips about estate planning in British Columbia, and some of the complex situations that may necessitate using the skills of a legal professional.

Despite writing wills, trusts and prenups, heirs may still fight

Complicated family dynamics can sometimes undo even seemingly thorough estate planning. Those who leave wills, trusts and more for the distribution of their estates, likely go to their final rests believing the way is clear for their heirs to benefit from their hard work. Sadly, this is not always the case. A celebrity case taking place south of British Columbia tells a cautionary tale for anyone planning the transfer of his or her estate.

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