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Is probate always necessary in British Columbia?

If one is named as executor of an estate, a potentially complex process is about to unfold during one of the most emotional times in anyone's life. Handling probate and estate administration in British Columbia is not an easy task even at the best of times. If it were possible to largely eliminate the need to probate, it could simplify matters considerably. There are circumstances under which this may be possible.

During probate, it is important to file all the right documents

There are many responsibilities assigned to the executor of an estate. Of these, probate is perhaps the most important, as it precedes all other aspects of administering the estate. In order for probate to proceed in British Columbia, several important documents must be submitted.

Paying taxes is an important part of estate administration

Acting as executor of an estate can be an emotional roller coaster. While seeing beneficiaries receive their gifts may bring some comfort or even joy, there are other aspects that provide neither. For example, no one enjoys paying taxes at any time, but even after an individual has passed away, the government is still owed its share. This is an important, if less pleasant part of estate administration.

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